This page contains news for Jacaranda West Homeowners’ Association #1, Inc. (Jacaranda).

Sign Committee Update

The sign committee met with Jack Jackowski, Monday April 16th, 2018. Jack confirmed that the sign committee is an ad hoc committee and that we meet membership requirements and are following correct procedures. He also informed us of his meeting with our attorneys and that the attorneys would be working on an amendment giving the board authority to install signs and budget for them. It would be best to wait for the process of passing the amendments before making any new installations, unless needed for liability reasons.

A sign package can be designed to create uniformity or a common thread between the various types of signs our community needs. This can be accomplished by using a shape, font, color, or emblem repeated on all signs throughout the HOA.

In the past Connie and I have interviewed several sign companies. It has been our experience that they are well aware of the county size regulations for various postings and have detailed county plat maps programmed in their computers.

Since Connie and I are seasonal we request to be kept up to date on any sign related issues. We can do that via email.

Best regards,
Nancy Deidrich

Traffic Committee Report

Our crowded roads seem to be a little less so the last couple of weeks. Many of our winter residents have gone to cooler pastures for the next few months. Never the less it is beneficial to the residents of Jacaranda West if we observe the speed limit along Jacaranda Blvd. Many of us walk, bike or ride golf carts along the sidewalks and we all want to remain safe. If we set a good example others will be more mindful of the speed limit.

Within in our cul de sacs we need to keep our speed to 20mph a safe speed for those who walk or bike along the road. Since we do not have sidewalks this is extremely important. If you observe a UPS or Fed X truck zipping along, try to ask them to slow down as we have children and the elderly walking and playing in our neighborhoods.
Parking cars along our streets is permitted. However, our documents ask us to refrain from parking on the lawn or grass. This is a deed restricted community and we should be proud of our neighborhoods by following a few simple rules.

When we all work to keep our properties in good repair, it increases the value of all of our homes. Thank you all for doing your part!



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